"H" as Lowell liked to be called was influenced by artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Vangogh.  This is shown in use of vibrant color and style.  He gives a wonderful personality and soul to his subjects that just draw you in.  "Each painting invites us to smile with pleasure and enjoy the inner vitality and plenitude of the landscape. But above all, the paintings project the irrepressible joie de vivre of an artist who knows how to live."  Sadly 'H' passed away before he was able to see his artwork in needlepoint, but we have the support of his wife Janet who currently resides in Calistoga, California

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Includes a variety of boxes, trays, frames, key chains, tissue boxes, magnets, notepad holders, paperweights, kimono stands, fan holders, trivets, napkin and towel holders, ice bucket, palettes, a display cabinet with adjustable shelves, as well as other miscellaneous pieces.
Joel Dewberry's designs are a reflection of the way he sees life, value the classic beauty that never goes out of style, but always open to a fresh and modern reinterpretation. Cooper Oaks Design is so excited to offer some of Joel's beautiful fabrics in needlepoint canvas. For a peak into Joel's full fabric line visit his website at www.joeldewberry.com
Janet comes from an extensive background in hand spinning, fiber dyeing, and long enjoyed knitting and weaving on a floor loom. While watching her daughter compete at a horse show she was intrigued by the display of needlepoint belts-a cherished tradition in the equestrian world. She was soon designing and stitching belts for her daughter and friends. A natural extension of her early childhood love of coloring, she now values painting and stitching as a peaceful mediation. Janet currently resides in Kaua'i Hawaii.

Designs created and inspired by the Cooper Oaks family.
Susan has been painting and drawing since she was a young girl. She won a blue ribbon at the county fair when she was in the 4th grade for her murals of Mexico. Inspired by the Impressionists, Susan loves to experiment with color. She has illustrated several children's books, 4 of which are very popular in England. Susan's designs have also appeared on note cards, calendars, date books, wrapping paper and prints. A native of California, Susan currently resides in San Francisco.

One of Americas best loved contemporary folk artists, Warren Kimble combines his love of antiques, architecture, and fine art to create a style of American folk art that is both accessible and universally appealing. As a successful home furnishing designer, Warrens images appear on products ranging from dinnerware, wall and floor coverings, furniture, textiles, wood and ceramic accessories, as well as calendars and an array of paper products. Drawn to art and painting since his New Jersey boyhood, he graduated in 1957 with a fine arts degree.  After an early career in advertising, Warren taught art for many years, later leaving to pursue his passion for painting full time in 1983. Warren has had numerous one person gallery shows, and has been the recipient of many honors in his field. He and his wife live and work in Brandon, Vermont. www.warrenkimble.com
As a young girl, Melissa spent hours absorbed in her coloring books which led to her fascination by the play of color in her everyday life. As a self taught artist, her personalized style and technique has gradually evolved over the years into what she terms "sophisticated naive". Her work features brilliant color, unusual design, and a richness of detail. Her style has been shaped by her extensive travels, and all created to celebrate life's simple pleasures and bring joy to the hearts of all collectors. Melissa and her family reside in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Sayings loved and designed by Cooper Oaks Designs 
Christine has been doing all types of needlework since her grandmother taught her how to embroider at the age of 7. This early experience led her into all types of needlework, as well as a fascination with art of all kinds. After receiving an advanced degree in interior design, Christine began painting custom needlepoint designs for a shop in the Northwest, and later began painting for Cooper Oaks Design. Christines interest in the use of color, as well as being inspired by nature, old textiles, and architecture led her to become enamored in Amish quilt design and began quilting. Her quilts and custom designed Christmas stockings have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and Traditional Homes. 


Linda Ragnos' hand painted designs began at her kitchen table under the name "La Bette Rouge". Her country French designs are inspired by her French ancestry, travels to France, and her passion for French culture. After many years, her efforts have evolved into a collection of whimsical provincial designs featuring the delicate patterns and bright sun washed colors of the south of France. Her popularity as a collectible artist has grown, and her greatest joy is finding new ways to express her ideas. Linda lives with her husband in Tahoe City, Ca.


Jane Cather has been working as a dollmaker under the "Made by Night" logo since 1981.  Her dolls, as well as the animals and other images she creates have appeared in a variety of books, and each carries its own message or legend. Jane's work has appeared in "Country Home", "Country Living", "Collector's Showcase", "American Country Classics", and "The Doll by Contemporary Artists." As well, her work has been exhibited by the Museum of American Folk Art of the Doll, and is routinely shown on both the East and West coasts. Jane and her husband live in East Falmouth, MA.
​"Women have given messages to me all of my life. My hope is to be a woman "path artist" and pass on these messages in a warm, creative, and interesting way. My work is my part of the ongoing dialogue."--Jane Cather www.janecather.com


Susan Barnes' art has been inspired by her life and travels throughout the world.  She has traveled extensively and lived in places as diverse as Maui and Nantucket Island.  A self proclaimed beach person, she currently resides in Carmel, California.  In 1998, Sue published "Ma Petite Amie", A delightful paper doll book written in both English and French.  In 1993 her artwork was published by Belvedere Calendar, and currently represented by Lifeguard Press. Susan's love of the sea is reflected in both her art and life.  She supports OCEANCARE (www.oceancare.org) and Maui Whale Foundations (www.whaletrust.org and www.csiwhalesalive.org).  These organizations are devoted to the protection of cetacean population and the fragile ecosystems they inhabit.   www.swbarnes.com